We, the IT-Lagune e.V., organize various events for the business and IT community in Western Pomerania - and connect people and ideas beyond any limits. Who's to move mountains? Only the ones who talk to each other and work together!

We also love to have a laid-back atmosphere wherever we do something. After all we're "Southern Baltics", sharing a mediterranean attitude. Sure, developing the online world is exciting. But there's nothing like having a personal atmosphere, cool drinks and cool ideas together - is there?

Our regular event formats
End of each month
Networking Meetups:
We organize network evenings every month, alternating between Stralsund and Greifswald. Topics of all sorts can be discussed, of course with a tech/IT focus. Heavy networking/business card exchange going on. Sometimes we invite people to present and discuss a special topic. Open to all participants and ideas.

Beginning of each month
Club Meetups: We have club meetings every month, alternating between Stralsund and Greifswald. We use to discuss internal issues of the IT-Lagune e.V., current problems and topics, new perspectives and businesses. Open to everyone who's invited.

Past big events
stylish lounge of the IT-Lagune for IT companies to show-off at the SUPA job fair 2013 in Stralsund

04/26 to 04/28/2013
StartUp Live! Stralsund:
international business startup weekend in Stralsund